My Hospital Bag Packing List

I’m putting together my hospital bag for Baby #2 and wanted to share what I’m packing! If I learned anything from last time… it’s that I don’t need to bring as much. Here is what I’m packing this time with links (most are commissionable links) if you’re interested to see the exact item.

My Bag: 

  • Robe: I live in robes and they feel so much better than the hospital gown when you are in recovery. I treated myself to a new pale blue one from Amazon.
  • Magnetic PJs: My favorite PJs for babies make an adult pair perfect for nursing. Very soft with magnets on the top for easy access!
  • PJ Dress: I went with a dark color here on purpose! This is so soft and it’s nice not to have pants or a waistband while healing.
  • Nursing Bras: Comfortable and practical.
  • Nursing Pads: I can’t remember if I needed these at this stage… but I’ve thrown in just a few to be safe.
  • Slippers: Soft slippers are SO much better than the hospital socks. Mine are from Costco, but I’ve linked a similar pair.
  • Dress to Leave the Hospital: I’ve packed my favorite nap dress to come home in! Flattering and forgiving for pictures while still being comfortable.
  • Flip flops to Come Home: Make sure your shoes have room, I was still pretty swollen last time.
  • Toiletry Kit: I packed things like dry shampoo, hair brush, deodorant, toothbrush, tooth paste, body wash, face wash, glasses, etc. It’s nice to have your own stuff. Linking my favorite toiletry bag.
  • Minimal Makeup: Just enough to feel more put together the day we leave. I’m linking my favorite tinted moisturizer!
  • XL iPhone Charger: You never know where the outlet will be! Pack the longest cord possible.
  • Blanket: I found the rooms in a hospital are SO cold. After a recent hospital stay I realized there is something about having a familiar cozy blanket that makes such a difference.
  • Snacks: These were mostly for my husband… but instead of having to raid a vending machine it was nice to have a few snacks packed. Trail mix, energy bars, etc.
  • Packing Cubes: I’m using packing cubes to keep items separate, including keeping the few baby items below in my one tote bag!
  • Weekend Bag: This is my favorite weekend tote bag. I bought it in Paris on my honeymoon when I realized I had more to bring home than I came with (oops) and now I use it for every weekend trip now. It’s the perfect size!

Baby’s Bag:

  • Going Home Outfit: I bought a simple monogrammed outfit from one of our favorite local baby stores.
  • Swaddle Bow: My swaddle bow was sent from Tea and Cotton, the cutest custom embroidery shop! I’m planning to take advantage of the professional photographer at the hospital because we aren’t doing a newborn session at home this year. Instead we will take family pictures during a Fall mini session after we are a little more settled in as a family 4!
  • Swaddle Blanket: This blanket is just for the photos to pair with the bow. While staying at the hospital we used everything they gave us for baby (onesies, diapers, swaddle blankets, hats, etc.)!
  • Hospital Sign: Joyful Southern sent me the sweetest sign for those first pictures of baby!

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