Raising a Toddler is Tough


When I was struggling with Evie I asked which resources you found helpful. I was overwhelmed with all of the great suggestions so I wanted to compile them in one place. I hope you will find these as helpful as I did!

Standing strong with Evie and not letting her tantrums win has made a huge difference. As long as she is in a safe spot… we walk away (we discussed this approach with her doctor). She usually stops crying after a minute! We also practice deep breaths when we are frustrated; it instantly calms Evie down. Do you have a favorite resource or tip? Let me know in the comments below!

Here are the top submissions:

  1. Big Little Feelings: Hands down this was the most popular resource! They offer an online course as well an Instagram page with great tips. So many of you have taken their course and can’t stop raving!
  2. Feeding Littles: If meal time is tough this is a resource I also love. I took their infant feeding course and just love Judy and Megan. They gave me confidence to start solids and I follow their Instagram for toddler meal tips (they also have a course).
  3. Moms on Call Toddler: They have a variety of books! I read their newborn book and found a few helpful tips. Their toddler book was recommended. I’ve included it as an Amazon (affiliate) link for the book.
  4. Taking Cara Babies: I owe my sanity and good sleeper to Cara. Her infant and baby sleep courses are my favorite thing to recommend to new parents! She focuses mostly on babies, but when I saw her suggested I had to include Cara on my list. Her Instagram also offers great free resources.
  5. Dr. Becky at Home: Parenting help from a clinical psychologist. She has a weekly podcast!
  6. Happiest Toddler on the Bock: This one is on my nightstand. I was a big fan of Happiest Baby on the Block and our Snoo! I’ve included an Amazon (affiliate) link for the book.
  7. Pocket Parent: The review I was sent said this was a helpful and easy reference. Check check! I’ve included an Amazon (affiliate) link for the book.
  8. Kids Eat in Color: More meal time help! They have a free guide for 4 ways to help your child eat better without losing your mind. SIGN ME UP!
  9. 1-2-3 Magic: This book was recommended as a good resource to help with discipline. I’ve included an Amazon (affiliate) link for the book.
  10. Busy Toddler: Sometimes days are tough because we are all bored. I love this resource for fun activities!
  11. Love and Logic: Various resources… some paid and some free.
  12. The New Strong Willed Child: This book sounds like my daughter… it’s on my list! I’ve included an Amazon (affiliate) link for it.
  13. @Nutrition.For.Littles: A dietitian for littles, she offers a variety of resources on her Instagram page.
  14. Yummy Toddler Food: Advice and recipes for picky toddlers!
  15. Playful Parenting: This one came highly recommended. I’ve included an Amazon (affiliate) link.
  16. Raising Boys and Girls: A podcast all about parenting!
  17. Shepherding a Child’s Heart: A resource that was recommended with a focus on Christian values. I’ve included an Amazon (affiliate) link for the book.
  18. Making the “Terrible” Twos Terrific: I think the title of the book says it all! I’ve included an Amazon (affiliate) link.
  19. Simply on Purpose: Courses and free resources on their website!
  20. And of course a lot of wine and laughs with friends. Thanks for the support 🤍

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