The Easiest DIY Bow Holder

I’m pretty sure the day we found out we were having a little girl was the day I started buying bows! With the bow overload I started storing Evie’s bows in baskets until I saw a cute holder and thought… oh I could make that! And y’all, if I can make it then you can too. It’s really this easy:

  1. Buy pre-painted white wood letter.
  2. Hot glue ribbon to the back of the letter.
  3. Add 3M picture hanging strips to the back.
  4. Stick to door or wall.

Seriously… that’s it! I took it down from her door so that you can see the back:

To help make it even easier, I linked all of the supplies for you below!

While we are on the topic of bows… I refuse to spend a lot of money on bows because right now my toddler loves to drop them, hide them and loose them. Amazon is my GO TO and Walmart also has cute bows in store. I’ve linked a few similar styles on Amazon (my exact bows are no longer available). As you can tell from the small supply, I’m about due for another order and will be checking these out. Evie has 3 inch and 4.5 inch bows and now that she is getting bigger I will only replace the 4.5″ bows. Amazon has 40 of the 4.5″ bows for $11.99 which means each bow is about $0.30 each.

How do you store bows? And if you have a secret for getting your toddler to keep them in her hair please share in the comments below!

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