1 Necklace : 3 Ways

Close Up of Necklace

Do you have a lariat necklace? I love how they offer so many looks from one piece of jewelry and was so excited when Mary Caroline Spano Jewelry gifted me this stunning ginger jar lariat necklace. It’s made from a beautiful 1970’s vintage chain with hand-painted beads and fresh water pearls. I picked the traditional blue & white but it’s available in so many fun color options! She has so many beautiful pieces, especially if you are a blue & white lover like me. Some of my other favorites are the carved bamboo bracelets, blue and white hoop earrings, and the chinoiserie porcelain stretch bracelets.

Because there are so many ways to style a lariat necklace, I picked my top three favorites to share!

Simple Tie

A simple and elegant look that you can dress up or down. I love how the length adds a bit of drama!

Open Choker

A perfect everyday look. I think this lends itself to being a bit more casual and is a great way to add a little something to the sweater or tee you wear daily.

Choker + Tie

My favorite look of the three! The layers make it look so special and it can work with various necklines.

Let me know your favorite way to wear a lariat necklace below!

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